I had never heard of Solange Azagury-Partridge, but I knew I had to have this ring from the moment I saw it in one of LisaLisaD1’s YouTube videos. I am not one to spend $150 on a ring, EVER, but I just could not stop thinking about this beautiful piece. I told myself it was an investment in a designer item that would hold its value. Right?!

I ordered this from Amazon UK. It cost £73, and with exchange, tax and shipping that came out to about $150 Canadian. I had to wait a bit as it was sold out but once back in stock I believe it took less than two weeks to arrive, which is very fast for shipping from overseas. I ordered this in the largest size, which was “P”. When it arrived it had a size sticker on the bag that said 8, which sounds about right – this fits my pointer and middle fingers perfectly. The weight of the ring is not too heavy and it’s very comfortable.


I can’t wait to wear this with my black “leather” leggings, a white tee and a black blazer. My boyfriend always makes fun of me for buying the same item in multiple colours, and I cant help it – I’m already considering the bubble gum pink version!